Saturday, 2 September 2017


Its been a while guys! I won't blame you if you no take me/this seriously anymore. I really wish would talk about what has been happening. This year has been a real struggle!
But I am determined to come out on top and more importantly to be happy, I guess that is the reason I decided to make and share this post today
I reached out to some people on social media and in person and asked them to share the good things that happened to them in the month of August. I hope this makes you smile, inspire you or/and give you hope - as it did for me!

@9jaculinaryguy – My mom made a bold step to resign her job and start up her own business

@lotsoflove_bytolu – I was able to save someone’s marriage by commenting randomly on an instagram post and this woman dm-ed me some days later telling me that I help save her marriage. (It was a post on @breakupormakeup ig page talking about how to spice your marriage. Yw. lol)

@thebrowniegram – My mom celebrated her birthday in August, it was so nice seeing her glam up and be admired by the world

@artbecomesyou – We went on our first trip/holiday with the baby and he was so good

@apple_rrush – I got out of an accident with no scratch!

@t2pitchy – Moving for my graduate studies abroad
Ogbeche – I saw you! After 4 years! And my brother got married in August, it was special.

@e_phyy – I got called for my first interview after 2 months of consistent job applications 😂 I volunteered for an organization which gave me opportunity to help people with depression and mental health. Who knew I could talk to strangers and help them in that way 😌 I started loving myself more and stopped taking bullshit 😁 My relationship with God became stronger after a long while of weakness

@Gbengagomes – It was the first time I shot two different movies in one month

@Chakieeee – I took my first trip – to Uyo! It wasn’t fancy but it was fun.

Cheh – I discovered mtn 25 naira for 500mb, and I am on holiday. Bliss!

Anonymous – I got my dream job!
@princessaudu – seeing my mom so happy and thanking God for my life and progress just made me realize how important it is to make our parents proud and it is a great feeling too. It is a moment and a memory I’ll never forget.

Martins C3 – I was able to give to a charity that I haven’t been able to give to in a long time!

@thetosintoge – I have been depressed about school work for a while now. I decided to move on and be happy. It was intentional

@barrrie_ - I had a few projects I have been willing to complete before the ember month, just last week it was completed and also two of my wish (a sneaker and wristwatch) came through unexpectedly

@infashionitrust – I witnessed one of my closest friend get married
@Larisalefleur – I had time for myself for the whole month after months of work and stress and this made me have the time to write down my goals and inspirations and map out a plan for my life and seeing that I have done this makes me happy and fulfilled

Donald – My family came over to visit and I saw my mom for the first time this year.

@Laurab_stainless – I threw a surprise party for my husband birthday celebration

@metrogypsie - Bought my Canon G7x Mark ii camera.. 🎈

@dleonalife – I came home to see my family and friends after about 8 months

Thank you so much for reading. 
I hope you enjoyed reading. Please do share some of the good things that happened to you in the month of August in the comment section below. Which of these 'good things' did you relate to? Which made you smile. Lemme know in the comment below. 



  1. Awwwwww ���������� nice one hun
    We missed you like kilode
    Hope to be seeing more of your blogs ����

    1. Thank you so much Laura. Missed you too

  2. This was so heartwarming to read, so many good things. In August, I got my A-Level results and they were great so that's my good thing. And I hope you overcome your struggles girl, wish you all the best. xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  3. Awwn congratulations girl. Wishing you the very best. Thank you so much.xx

  4. Beautiful post, you forgot about me o.

  5. This is such a wonderful idea for a post. It is good to focus on the positive and be grateful always!

    Jessica |

  6. Nice stuffriends to light up people's day/lives. Enjoyed the read. Keep putting out inspiring stuff like this: you're already on top.

  7. Nice stuffriends to light up people's day/lives. Enjoyed the read. Keep putting out inspiring stuff like this: you're already on top.

  8. I love that you are trying to stay above the struggle, keep your head up.This is a very refreshing idea, love

  9. Replies
    1. That's my aim. Thank you for reading

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