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I have heard about alot of people talk and write and even create memes for how people don't keep their new year resolutions or new year goal or how probably they wrote something down and nothing came to pass or whatever the case. Oh well, I have decided to do a post about this, HOW TO SET GOALS AND ACHIEVE THEM. This is a more detailed post on a former blog post I did here, you can check it out before you proceed.

Before we begin, here are some things you should have in mind -
  • I don't know that you have to write down your goals or create a vision board for you to achieve any thing you want in life. I mean who am I to say or not say
  • I am pretty sure there are lots of people who don't have list and who do pretty well for themselves
  • As long as I have remembered, I do not write down anyhing but then again I always loose focus of where I want to go or be or something like that, I mean I have a general idea but I was not specific aka I didn't have a CLEAR VISION. Plus I have heard so many beautiful things about writing stuffs down, so why not??!!!
Now let's get into how I plan to achieve my goals for 2016;

The first thing I have done is to write it down. You don't necessary have to do the whole 'pen and paper' thing but you might want to, just so you can see all the things you plan to achieve in one place. You can also write it in your phone or create a vision board (google baby) if you like. The most important thing is to have it somewhere you can see it everyday or atleast every other day. Probably write it on your planner or keep it as a daily reminder on your phone or save it on your desktop, whatever works for you!
The second thing I did is to be specific as much as I can, this just shows I know what I want. You can not just say I want shoes - it has to be I want a Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato 120mm Nude Shoes (this is an example, hehe! )
In being specific, your goals also has to answer the questions- WHAT -WHY- HOW - WHEN, to help clarity. And also prioritize your goals and give them a yardstick for better result and so you know you are working towards something.
Some major aspects of our lives are career, business, finance, health, relationship etc. What I do is to group my already written clear and prioritized goals into this sections. Well, mine I use -MONEY MAKERS - NEW ADVENTURE - LEARNING - ETC, now this is me, You can totally do it however way you please.

Another thing is setting small goals to achieve the big/main goals. Using the Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato 120mm Nude Shoes as an example again, I can decide to save 10% of every money that I get or save N1,000 as contribution or whatever everyday towards this goal. What I am saying is I have to do something everyday and cross off list everyday for my big goal.

You need smaller goals to achieve those big goal. Under each goal, you list all the small goals/steps that it could take to achieve the big one and also prioritize them.
This is one of the major reasons why nothing work. I am sorry to tell you this but if you continue with the same habit as the one you had when you had no clear goal, you might really not go anywhere, this isn't written on stone or is it a commandment, but it is just something you need to think about to see it is true.

For you to move forward, you need to change your old habits or form new ones.You need to move away from your comfort zone (cliche but true) and take that leap of faith in the direction of your goal.
Also, Identify your behaviour pattern. Take a really good look at your life pattern and identify what you think might prevent you from achieving your goal and find a way to tackle and overcome it/them..
One of mine is the act of procrastination (I still wonder how I do any thing in life), but some of the ways I am learning to overcome this problem is by doing exactly what I am suppose to be doing at the time I am suppose to be doing it. My To-Do list is not even smiling and I have to mentally reminder myself whenever I try to put off work (because there is always tomorrow, innit?) that I am procrastinating and that tomorrow doesn't exist. You have to be REALLY ready for change - isn't it the era. lol. (no be beans- pidgin for - it isn't easy).

Surrounding yourself with positive people is always a plus. Create the kind of environment that will generate your creative juice and positivity and that would eventually lead you to your goal.

This is the most important. In 17:6, - The Lord replied, "If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree, 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea,' and it would obey you! (International Standard Version Via biblehub.com) This is how small a mustard seed is, for those that don't know
Work on your mindset, feed it with love, positivity and beauty and watch what happens to your life. Make it believe what you want it to believe. This is totally one my goals for this year, because we have seen what happens when the mind is fed with negativity and hate, think about what is happening in the world. There are beautiful examples as well (google baby)

Your mind is a powerful, powerful tool. Use it to create what you want to be and BE IT.

Because you already put it out there to the Universe, to God Almighty and you are probably already working on it or towards it and you believe. Everything would start to work around for your good. BELIEVE!!!
So there you have it, how I plan to achieve my goals for 2016. I hope you come with me.

This post is already too long, I would have loved to share some tips I got from the online vision party hosted by Steph Obi that I shared it on my INSTAGRAM. I would probably share that some other time.

My theme for this year is BEING AWARE which Sisiyemmie did a video on and rightly titled LIVING INTENTIONALLY. So in order words, my theme for 2016 is LIVING INTENTIONALLY.

Thank you so much for reading. Until next time.
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God bless you


  1. Yup! I totally agree with all uve written. I like the part of the smaller goals helping one achieve the greater goals. Your example sha. Looool.

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    1. Haha. I had to go there. Thank you for reading Grace.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I have just ordered a Planner from bloggersanner.com.

    I know writing down can be stressful so I wanted to make an effort with my planner. Ordered the A5 size(medium) just to help with my thoughts.

    Usually I'd write it in my phone's Notepad but it's difficult scrolling through that at times.

    Write is very good.. Also marking events and plans inside and all that. Can't wait for it to get delivered. Your tips are good. Being specific, yup! Love that.

    metrogypsie.org 💋

    1. Thank you Steph for reading. I prefer writing as well, I m just old school like that

  4. This is so much needed! I always write down stuff but yeah that idea of smaller goals helping to reach the bigger ones, taking that this year!

    1. Thank you Toyin for reading. So glad you found this helpful

  5. Beautiful... Its well done. A great man said "don't just think it,Ink it"

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