Saturday, 8 August 2015


Hey lovelies. How are you all doing? Can we just pretend that I haven't posted in a while now? Can we?
I miss you guys. I hope you miss me as well :)
This past week has been so busy, I didn't have a moment to open my laptop and do anything. You should totally follow me on Instagram and Facebook, as it is quite easy to keep up from there. Although guys I have repented and would try and put out a post everyday, yes everyday, so you should check every single day :)
By the way, Have you guys been following the #SecSchoolInNigeria on twitter. The memes are the funniest I tell you. Check them out using the hashtag on twitter.

Today I bring to you my top song of the week as  have done here and here. I thought to myself to change the title to currently on replay, instead of Dleona top song of the week as I have here and here, since the song I usually post are not new songs but songs that have been on replay on my phone. What do you think?

Currently on replay this week is the song KARASHIKA by Falz featuring Phyno and the hilarious Chigurl.
The video is directed by Aje Filmworks. The video is so dope guys. CLICK HERE TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE.

There is a story behind the name Karishika tho (no, not the song). It was a very popular Nigerian movie back in the days... now Google it :D
And because I know you have missed me, oh c'mon stop denying, here is a picture. lol.

 "People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of"- Paulo Coelho
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God bless you 


  1. Nice blog dear.

    I think you should check out mine

  2. Thanks dear. Yes I do silently check yours. Would drop a comment sometime. Thank you for visiting

  3. Haha! been hearing a lot about this song. Haven't really had to time to check it out. I have been visiting your blog silently but after reading your comment above, I decided to comment. :)

    1. Thanks lovely. You should check out the song tho. Would definitely check out your blog.

  4. The sec school mems had me in stitches.
    The Lady N The Hat

    1. Hi Grace. Yes it did, some very funny something. loved the hashtag. Thanks for visiting